NEW, private group tents!  The spacious, 16' x 32' military tents are the perfect space to gather and enjoy a get-together with friends, family, a team, organization, or co-workers! Your group will be able to relax around the campfire, eat, socialize, and have fun together all evening before and after touring Haunted Hollow’s attractions! What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and book a group tent!


  • $30 per person.
  • 20 person minimum.
  • The organizer is FREE!
  • Private 16' x 32' tent.
  • Tent, picnic table, campfire, and firewood are provided.
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own food, beverages, folding chairs, corn hole, etc.
  • Guests can occupy tents from 6pm – 11:30pm on the date they book.
  • Each guest receives admission to Haunted Hollow with FASTPASS to skip the line!
  • After your group tours the attractions, they can return back to the group tent for continued socializing and fun!
  • Reserve your tent by clicking the button below. $250 non-refundable deposit required. The deposit is part of your total amount owed, it is NOT additional.


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with any questions.

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