Frequently Asked Questions:


Is the attraction appropriate for children?

Haunted Hollow is a dark, frightening, interactive haunted attraction that may not be suitable for very young children. Generally speaking, we recommend the attraction for kids over the age of 6 but it really depends on the maturity of the child and we ask that parents use their best judgment as to age suitability.


How long is the wait?

This changes from night to night. Fridays and Saturdays towards the end of October can get very busy. There are a few options to avoid a long waits: By purchasing your tickets online, you can bypass the onsite ticket line and by purchasing a FASTPASS, you can go straight to the front of the attraction line. Buy your tickets online now!


Will the monsters touch me?

We are an interactive haunted attraction and our guests are part of the show. Rest assured that all guests will be treated respectfully.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

Due to our location on a farm and the nature of the show with narrow winding trails and pathways, we are not able to safely accommodate wheelchairs. If you have other limitations, please contact:

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and we can give you more information on possible accommodations.


Are you open if it rains?

We make every attempt to offer all attractions rain or shine. All of our wagons are fully covered and enclosed and guests will remain dry during the hayride even in the rain.  For the safety of our guests and staff, outdoor attractions may be closed only during very wet or severe weather. If we close an attraction due to weather, we will immediately post the announcement on our website homepage AND facebook. Please check the website homepage for any closing announcements before making your trip out to Haunted Hollow.


Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted for online ticket purchases ONLY, but we do have an ATM machine on site for your convenience.


Do you give refunds?

We offer ticket insurance for $4.95, which allows refunds for any unused tickets. When purchasing a ticket online, you will see a checkbox option to add ticket insurance to your order. Tickets purchased without ticket insurance are NON REFUNDABLE.

What is included with every ticket?

When you purchase a ticket, you are actually receiving admission to five attractions: Bruner Boarding House, Milford Asylum, HollowWood Haunted Hayride, Toxic Swamp Walk, and the Dead End Cornfield. Once you are done getting scared, feel free to hang out, enjoy our food and drink concessions, regularly scheduled live bands, DJs, and bonfires.


How long does it take to go through?

This really depends on how fast you can run! It typically takes about 1 hour plus to go through all attractions. But with the other activities you may want to plan on spending 2-3 hours here. (Don’t forget to book tickets for our 15 minute escape room!)


Can we be asked to leave Haunted Hollow?

Yes. We take the safety of all of our guests and staff very seriously and you can and will ask you to leave if we feel it is necessary to maintain a safe and enjoyable attraction. We do not tolerate aggressive or belligerent behavior. You will also be asked to leave if we observe that you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Armed, licensed security is on site during all performances.


Are there any items that are prohibited?

Guns, knives or weapons of any type are prohibited as are backpacks and masks. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only and is not allowed in any of the attractions.


Do you sell food, beverages, and souvenirs?

Yes, we sure do. We have multiple foods and drink options including delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, chicken strips, and deep fried pretzels. Haunted Hollow apparel and other novelty items are also available to purchase.


Do you have group discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for groups or 15 or more that are pre-registered by booking online. Learn more and to book your group! Have additional questions? Feel free to call us at (814) 926-3133 or email us at

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Do you offer group tents?

Yes! The spacious, 16’ x 32’ military tents are the perfect space to gather and enjoy a get-together with friends, family, a team, organization, or co-workers! Your group will be able to relax around the campfire, eat, socialize, and have fun together all evening before and after touring Haunted Hollow’s attractions! $30 per person. 20 person minimum. Includes a FastPass for every guest and the organizer is FREE! Includes tent, picnic table, campfire, and firewood. Guest can occupy the tent from 6pm – 12am on date booked.
Learn more about group tents and to book your group! Have additional questions?Email us at 

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Other questions?

If we missed something, please call us at (814) 926-3133 or send an email to

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