In the years following the Revolutionary War, the Huston family opened up a boarding house in a desolate hollow in the Appalachian Mountains east of Pittsburgh Pa.  Boarders often stayed to work the local coal mines and sawmill or help with the annual crop harvest.  Even the occasional Renegade Civil War solder would stop and share tales of the atrocities of the war

The Huston’s adopted daughter Mae Bruner was the house mistress but after a disfiguring accident, began to exhibit certain evil tendencies.  Each of her rooms had a wicked surprise awaiting her unsuspecting guests.  Her reputation as a cruel landlady became known far and wide and eventually, no one ventured near the Boarding House for fear of becoming another one of “Mad Mae’s” permanent boarders!  The house has long since been abandoned but some say that the malevolent spirit of Mad Mae still walks the property making sure that all of her guests…..sleep like the dead!

While guests had a sense of a dark and evil presence lurking in the rooms and hallways of the Boarding House, they couldn’t imagine the horror that awaited those that were snatched from their beds and dragged screaming into the dark cavities. Within the walls, Mae’s captives were brutally tortured and their faces horribly mutilated. A few of these grotesque abominations, lucky enough to escape, ran off into the surrounding forest and swamp, using animal skulls and skins to hide their disfigurement. There, these twisted souls formed demonic cults and extracted their vengeance on unsuspecting travelers.

Nothing was ever the same after the traveling circus came to town for an extended performance and took up residence in the boarding house barn. Mad Mae developed a particular fondness for the Ringmaster who mysteriously disappeared and was believed to be held captive somewhere on the boarding house property. Leaderless, the circus performers, including Twitch and Whispers the clowns and their troupe of pranksters began terrorizing the boarding house guests with their own variety of cruel fun.

Movies meet monsters as you board your covered wagon for a dark, claustrophobic ride across black fields on your way to the Toxic Swamp. Take a trip back in time and meet several of the earliest victims of the evil Mad Mae as they attempt to escape the Haunted Hollow. Will they….? Will You…..? Don’t worry, the sturdy sides of your wagon will protect you…..or will they only block your escape and make you a captive audience!

The local coal mines employed many of the residents of the Bruner House. As the coal seams played out and the mines were abandoned, the water began to flow orange with vile and acidic mine drainage.  Bruner House boarders who ventured into the area were exposed to the toxic pus and suffered horrible mutations.  These hideous abominations continue to prowl the swamp in wait for unsuspecting visitors.

You can’t hide from the tortured spirits who spend eternity harvesting souls in this remote cornfield. As the thick fog rolls in and the scarecrows come alive, all you can see is the trail ahead of you until it stops…..and then it’s too late.